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Bad Code is a small indie dev group that focuses on mobile applications.  We work hard to improve our content with every release and love interacting with users.  We don't try to be anything other than what we are; that is, a small group of independent developers and designers.  

Bugs and Art

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 Wild Card

Wild Card

Today has been a pretty slow moving day for development, there’s a bug that keeps showing up about the time I think it’s finally fixed.  That aside, we have a demo of the new card design for Shadows Triangle, our upcoming casual card game so I figured I would take a break from bug chasing to show it off.   As you can see from the image, it's more of a giant stone tablet game than a card game.  We're pretty pleased with how it turned out and once the background graphics are up to snuff the game should look pretty sharp.  I expect to have the logic debugged within the next day or so and the next step will be adding the Google Play Games API.  I should probably get back to my bug hunt so until next time, take care and we will talk to you soon!

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